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My name is Cécile Blanchet. I am French and after having completed my PhD in Marseille in 2006, I lived these past 10 years in the north of Europe. I have been employed as a post-doc in Germany (Uni. Bremen & Geomar Kiel) and in the Netherlands (Nioz Texel). I now hold a researcher position at the GFZ Potsdam since April 2018.

I am specialised in the reconstruction of past climates and environments using sediments, mostly from continental margins.

My career path is a bit unconventional and I recall that in a series of blogs (still under progress) here. During a 4-years pause, I have worked on other topics of interest, such as the commons and energy democracy. This work has been published on my other blog.

You will find an overview of all the scientifc projects I was/am involved in.

Active on twitter @clblanchet

Re-blog, reuse, remix: All blog posts and most images are under Creative Commons Licence (CC-BY-SA 4.0), so all material that I produced can be reused without my consent but please, cite me as the author and share under similar conditions.

Please contact me for any information, data or article request.

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